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  • 中文
  • English

  • P


    Numbers and counting up to 3, Numbers and counting up to 5, Numbers and counting up to 10

    Math 16 chapter>>
    English 8 chapter>>
  • K


    Numbers and counting up to 3, Numbers and counting up to 5, Numbers and counting up to 10

    Math 22 chapter>>
    English 17 chapter>>
  • 1

    First Grade

    Number and counting, Understanding addition, Addition skills,Sentence, Nouns, Pronouns

    Math 19 chapter>>
    English 12 chapter>>
  • 2

    Second Grade

    Counting,Comparing and Ordering, Numbers and patterns, One-digit addition, Sentence, Nouns, Pronouns

    Math 21 chapter>>
    English 13 chapter>>
  • 3

    Third Grade

    Numbers, comparing and ordering, Place values, Addition skills, Sentence, Noun, Pronoun

    Math 22 chapter>>
    English 15 chapter>>
  • 4

    Fourth Grade

    Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Sentence, Noun, Pronoun

    Math 23 chapter>>
    English 17 chapter>>
  • 5

    Fifth Grade

    Place values and numbers, Addition and subtraction, Multiplication, Types of sentence, Noun, Pronoun

    Math 25 chapter>>
    English 16 chapter>>
  • 6

    Sixth Grade

    Numbers, Multiplication and division, Exponents, Sentences, fragments and run-ons, Nouns, Pronouns and antecedents

    Math 25 chapter>>
    English 17 chapter>>

About Us



Incorporating modern technology into our learning system to mediate bottlenecks of teaching and learning

Improving and excelling teaching and learning effectiveness

Raising the academic level without sacrifying the low achievers

Equipping our young people to be future global leaders


We Care Your Concerns

  • Students

    Inadequate exposure to foreign languages
    Learning progress is subject to class and curriculum requirements
    Lacking suitable learning tools when there is time or interest in learning
    Suffering from peer pressure and jeering in classroom learning
    Inadequate revision opportunities to consolidate learning
    Unable to know the mistakes committed precisely
    Absence of specific improvement suggestions

  • Teachers

    Judging overall performance by experience and impression while concrete, comprehensive and convincing evidence is lacking
    Impossible to make specific suggestions to all students individually
    Difficult to respond to the learning difficulties of all students especially in a class of high learners diversity
    Difficult to group students with similar learning difficulties for remedial measures
    Classroom teaching strategy restricted by subject or curriculum planning and progress requirements

  • School

    Lacking resources to carry out small class teaching nor to group students according to their capabilities to learn
    Striking a balance on the teaching time and resources deployment among various subjects
    Nurturing a good foundation of foreign languages among students and preparing them to excel in global environment
    Raising overall academic standard without sacrifying the slow learners

  • Parents

    Providing high-quality yet affordable education opportunities to the kids
    Enhancing children 's academic ability to a higher level
    Satisfying the requirements of national and international prestigious universities
    Laying a good and solid foundation for future development of the kids

Education Experts

  • Mr. Brad

    15 years of Harvard University alumni interviewer Mensa’s top IQ member Harvard Law School & Bachelor of University of Berkeley. One of America’s top private college admissions coaches has spent nearly 15 years interviewing students for Harvard University.

  • Ms. Judy Wong

    American Independent Educational Consultant (IECA), providing professional top-notch admission planning, tutorial and planning services! Assisted students of different strata to enter top & elite universities in United States, Britain and Australia and expand their life!

  • Dr. Lee

    Harvard University Educational Research Institute Counselling Psychology and Summa Cum Laude, Double PhD in Management and Organization Development. Bachelor of UCLA Phi Beta Kappa For more than 20 years in Silicon Valley.

  • Ms. Heather

    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Law from Harvard University. 3 years Harvard Admissions Office experience. Harvard alumni interviewer for more than 8 years American University Application Planning Consultant Professor of standard examination.

All the teachers


I am extremely thankful for everything Judy has done for me to facilitate my college application process. She gave me extremely valuable insight and analysis regarding my college choices, along with various tactics I could opt for in order to improve my chances of getting into the most selective of universities. Her knowledge regarding financial aid and scholarship application is formidable, to say the least, and said knowledge has benefitted me greatly & I got my application process so smoothly.

B. Wong(MCS – Johns Hopkins 2021)

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